Sex Doll Buying Guide

What to know before you buy a sex doll!

How do I buy a sex doll?

Well, the process is actually pretty simple, it’s as easy as buying anything else online nowadays! But, the tricky part comes down to where to buy a sex doll and which sex doll to choose. There is an abundance of information out there today regarding sex dolls; more than half of which is probably false news. Here at Real Life Love Dolls we want to break it down without any bias so that everyone can be on the same page! Below we’ve created a buying guide to help you shop with us, Real Life Love Dolls specifically; followed by a list of general tips to apply when buying from any sex doll vendor online! 

RLLD Buying Guide:

So, you are interested in choosing Real Life Love Dolls to help bring your fantasies to life are you? Well we couldn’t be happier! Here’s a list of the steps we recommend you take before purchasing your new companion from us: 

1. Read our “General Buying Tips” section below and do your research! These dolls can be a pretty large investment so we believe you’d probably want to find the best bang for your buck!

To learn more about our company specifically, what we offer, and our policies, scroll down to the bottom of our website and find the footer sections labeled “Info” and “Important Links”. Here you will find the pages that will give you important insight and knowledge of what to expect when choosing RLLD! We recommend getting familiar with our policies,  terms, and definitely check out our FAQ page!

2. Once you do your research and make the decision to choose RLLD to do business with, its time to find your perfect doll!

We recommend starting off by browsing all of our pre-set dolls, or sort them by size if you have an idea of what size you are after. We understand that our selection is fairly large and you may have a difficult time deciding between dolls; use your instinct to narrow down the body and face features you like, and stick with your decision. You can always Contact Us as well and we’d be happy to help with your choice!  Our most popular dolls are 165cm and are found in the 160cm-168cm category, a majority of our customers have found this to be the perfect size! If you are not finding a particular doll that stands out in your mind, try our Fantasy Doll Builder and design your desired partner yourself! Take into consideration which additional features you may want to add as well; standing feet, removable vaginas, and extra wigs are the most common upgrades!

Remember: our dolls can be customized further than some of the options we show, we list the options we do to make for an easier purchasing experience! For example, if you are interested in Brianna‘s face but with Lexi‘s body and Riley‘s hair, we can do that! And very easily as well, simply Contact Us with your requests and we will explain how to place an order this way!

3. Now, after picking your love doll and adding it to your cart its time to checkout!

Simply go to your cart and select the “Proceed to checkout” option, enter your information accurately (don’t forget your phone number please! Our shipping carriers need it) then select the “Proceed to Paypal” button after agreeing to our terms. If you do not have a Paypal account don’t worry, you can use your credit card through this button as well. Once your payment goes through, congrats, you have just invested in your satisfaction!

4. We will handle it from here and you will soon have your sex doll delivered!

Patience is key, as read in our shipping policy you can expect to have your doll delivered in around 10 business days! But, delays can happen so don’t panic, you will receive your doll in a timely and permitting matter. If at any point you are overly concerned, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will happily help!

General Buying Tips:

The world of buying a realistic sex doll; wow has it ever expanded in the last few years! This can be a good thing as well as a bad thing for anyone looking to purchase a new doll. The good-  being that there is an amazing variety out there that are all easily available for purchase. The bad- being that there are so many vendors out there offering similar products but all for different prices!? Oh and don’t forget the fact that almost every website claims that every other website is a scam. So then, where do you start? Let us guide you:

1. Search Search Search, and Compare!

Devote some time to doing research on sex dolls, although it may sound tedious, it can save you hundreds or thousands in the end! What we mean by this is to do a few internet searches on sex dolls and check out a handful of websites, not just one! Spend the time going over each companies’ products, policies, and costs to see what your options are. Again, with so many choices, you should try to find the best overall value for your money. Total cost being the largest point, but things like added extras and fast shipping are also important. Compare what company “A” offers opposed to company “B” and so forth until you find something you would be happy to decide on!

2. Dig Deeper 

Now that you have a better idea of whats out there, find/get the answers to any further questions you may have! Contact the companies you are interested in to see how helpful of a response you get, as well as how fast they reply. There is so much talk about how many sex doll scams are present online, but we believe this to be controversial. We are not saying scams don’t exist, because they definitely do, we are simply saying that a majority of sex doll vendors want to scare you away from shopping elsewhere. Companies in this industry have an abundance of competition and try whatever they can to gain your business; even if that means stretching the truth about other vendors. Here at RLLD we don’t want to belittle our competitors, we stand by our own values and want to show sex doll enthusiasts how to decide for themselves if they are dealing with a legitimate company. We have posted on our blog a guide on How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams and highly recommend reading it!

3. Once you have gained a little more insight, its time to choose and checkout!

If you read our above mentioned blog post, you will know to look for reputable payment processors upon checkout. If a website doesn’t offer a known way of payment such as Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay, or a popular other, be weary! Also make sure the website you are on is encrypted, when seeing the web address on your browser, make sure it starts with “https” and not just “http” (“” for example). Without this level of security, any info typed into the given website will not be secure. Enter your details only after determining its safe to do so, then sit tight because you’ll soon have a realistic sex doll!

Whether you choose to do business with us, or any other vendor, we wish you the best with finding your new sex doll!