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All of our sex dolls can be customized to your liking, and through our additional features, you can get the most out of your purchase. To amplify your overall experience these features make longevity, cleaning, storage, and differentiation easy.

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The power of choice is in your hands. To help you make an informed decision, we have provided a detailed description and comparison for each available feature below.

Additional Features:

Extra Wigs & Heads

  • Extra Wigs
  • Extra Heads
  • Included extras

Vagina Style:

1. Fixed Vagina

A sex doll with a fixed vagina is made as one piece, resulting in a slightly more natural and realistic appearance. The vagina is built into the doll and cannot be removed or replaced.

Allow our experts to craft a vagina with absolute pleasure in mind. When appearance is the most important factor to you, the standard fixed option may be the right choice. However, the benefits of a removable vagina are very important and should be considered while you decide too! Please note that each doll is uniquely crafted so each vagina may vary slightly from the photos shown!

2. Removable Vagina

A sex doll with a removable vagina utilizes an insertable masturbator design. The practical advantages of this option are what make it our most popular choice among customers.

When product longevity, ease of cleaning, and overall convenience are important to you, the removable option will suit you perfectly. Although it may not look quite as realistic, it will make life easier in the long run. Simply insert and remove the vagina for cleaning and replacement as you require. Every doll with this option comes with two inserts ready for your extended use. 

Which vagina option should I pick?  

Both options feel and function the exact same, but offer a different list of pros and cons. If you are interested in a quick and easy cleaning process at the minor sacrifice of appearance, the removable option is the right decision. If you are concerned most about appearance and do not mind having to move the entire doll for cleaning, the fixed option is our recommendation! Keep in mind too that if you ever need to replace the vagina in the future, you can simply order new inserts from us with the removable option. Whereas, a potential downside of the fixed is that you are unable to replace it if you ever need. The final decision is left in your hands and from our experience, you will be more than happy with whatever option you choose.

Feet Style:

1. Normal Feet

As the name implies, normal feet are just that! With this option your doll will come with feet that are smooth and natural looking. Perfect for anyone who is into foot play and aesthetics.

Again when appearance is the most important aspect to you, you will be pleased with the normal feet. If your doll will be stored lying down and used mainly in bed, this style is for you! With this foot option, the doll will not be able to stand up on her own. Be careful to never let her stand on her own weight to prevent damage to the skin on the bottom of her feet. Shoes can be put on without issue, but should only be used for looks and not to try to help her stand up. 

2. Standing Feet

With a reinforced structure, standing feet allow your doll to stand on her own. To prevent damage to the sole of the foot, three bolts protrude slightly from the bottom with this option as shown.

Standing feet are our most popular add-on without a question. With this feature, you can experiment with your doll standing in numerous fun positions. On top of seamless up-right storage, your possibilities become endless when the doll can stand on her own. It makes for even better dress up and photography too. Be aware that with this option the feet can only bend downwards from flat and not side to side! All customers that choose standing feet tell us they are grateful they did.

So, normal feet or standing feet?  

Are you limited on storage space, sexually creative, and/or really looking forward to doll photography? Then we have to suggest the standing option! If you are okay with the slightly unnatural look of this style, you will not be disappointed as result of the possibilities it opens. But before we entirely recommend standing feet, if you are someone with a foot fetish or really admire a realistic look, you may be better off with normal feet. From a manufacturing stand point, both options are the same size and can accommodate whatever shoes you’d like. This one ultimately comes down to your personal preference as well, so which option lines up best with your desires?

Heating Style:

Internal Heating System vs No Heating

Our sex doll internal heating system makes for a truly intimate experience. All of our dolls can be upgraded to include full body heating to increase your level of satisfaction. This feature uses an internal resistance heating structure that gets added to the skeleton before the skin gets moulded. It allows for the entire doll body to warm up to a comforting temperature before each use. Without this feature, your doll will be limited to individual orifice heating with the included USB heating wand.

Simply plug your doll in to a wall outlet with the included cable and power adapter, and she will instantly start heating! It is recommended that you plug her in 30-60 minutes before use to allow the TPE material to rise to a perfect temperature. All dolls without this option will not be able to have the entire body heat up in an easy fashion. However, each doll comes with a free USB heating wand to quickly warm up an individual orifice instead. Although the internal heating system offers unmatched pleasure in bed, there are some noteworthy drawbacks to become aware of. If your doll is equipped with this heater, it is highly recommended to not shower or fully bathe the body for safety. In hand, there are more guidelines to follow and safety precautions to observe compared to a doll without the system. Please review the Internal Heating System Usage Notes and Precautions found below.

Is the Internal Heating System right for me? 

Do you want to experience a natural warm touch when engaging with your new doll? Then absolutely the upgraded heating system is right for you! If you are okay with waiting for the temperature to climb before use, then you will be extremely pleased. Keep in mind too that no one is preventing you from not plugging her in occasionally if you just can’t wait! On the other hand if you are really looking forward to showering with your doll, this option may not be best. Many customers enjoy bringing the dolls into the shower with them, but that is completely up to preference! We always hear back positive notes with each option, and know you will be satisfied with whichever you pick.

Internal Heating System Usage Notes and Precautions:

  • The power adapter can be connected with 110-240V power, allowing for usage in all countries. We will make sure to include the proper outlet plug for your specific country.
  • To use, simply plug in the adapter to the socket found on the back of your doll as shown above, and the heating will start immediately. There is no switch to turn the heating on or off, so just plug and unplug as required.
  • Due to the thermal characteristics of TPE and your environment, please allow at least 30-60 minutes for your doll to become warm.
  • Do not leave your doll unattended while plugged in. Although each system is made with an automatic temperature disconnect sensor, it is strongly advised to monitor your doll for safety.
  • Do not leave your doll plugged in for more than 2 hours at a time. It is strongly suggested to not leave your doll plugged in for extended periods. 
  • Do not use your sex doll when she is plugged in. Always unplug the connection after heating and before use.
  • The socket and power adapters are not waterproof. Do not let water come in contact with any electrical component or surface. We always suggest against showering or submerging her if this feature is included.

Although strict construction and safety precautions are always followed, please be aware that these are only guidelines and recommendations. RLLD will not be held liable for any loss or damages incurred by the use of this feature. 

Please read our caring for your love doll guide for each options safety & care

Having troubles deciding what options are right for you? Contact us today and allow our experts to help!