Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will it take for me to get my doll delivered?

A: Most orders will be processed, shipped and delivered to your place of residence within 8-10 business days! Although, shipping delays and holidays do happen occasionally and we have seen an order arrive after 12 business days. (based on shipping to the USA)*

Q: Do you offer financing or payment plans?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to provide any sort of monthly payment plans for our love dolls. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to offer a solution in the future!

Q: Will it show that I bought a sex doll on my credit card (or PayPal) statement when I place an order?

A: No! When you successfully place an order on our website, the charge on your statement will be discreet. Credit card statements will show a charge from “PAYPAL *HNN ENT.”, and PayPal statements will show a payment to “HNN ENTERPRISES”. We use this name to prevent the showing of any unwanted details on your statements, so do not be concerned when you do not see a charge from Real Life Love Dolls!

Q: Can you make doll clones of someone I want? Can I send in exact pictures/details for a custom doll to be made?

A: Technically we can do this, although we do not advertise for it and generally do not recommend it for a few reasons. The costs are extreme and the wait times are too. For reference, just getting our designers to sculpt a custom head/face from pictures will cost roughly $4000 and can take over a month to create! To build a mold for a new custom body style could cost double this amount on top as well. In result, we offer numerous pre-set dolls and our Fantasy Doll Builder- both offering a wide variety of customizable options considering overall costs.

Q: Well I like doll “A’s” face but doll “B’s” hair but with doll “C’s” body. How can I order what I want?

A: Don’t worry, we can easily handle requests like this! Our pre-set dolls make life simple but we understand not everyone will find the perfect doll they desire; we encourage you to first check out our Fantasy Doll Builder and design a more preferred partner there. If you still can’t pick the exact options you want, Contact Us in detail saying that you want doll “A’s” face but with doll “B’s” hair or the like before placing an order! We will work together to create your perfect doll.

Q: Are you located in the USA and where do you ship the dolls from?

A: Although 95% of our business comes from the USA our head office is located in BC, Canada. Our manufacturing facility is in Shenzhen, China where we ship the dolls directly from. We have chosen to manufacture in China to provide the most affordable all-in costs without sacrificing product quality.

Q: What are the dolls made out of?

A: Our love dolls are made out of a premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This is the most realistic and durable skin-like material to manufacture a love doll with. All of our dolls have an internal metal skeleton that the TPE is molded over to give them human-like movements as well.

Q: What parts of the doll can I use?

A: All of our dolls can be used with the oral, vaginal and anal orifices.

Q: Do you have a support phone line I can contact?

A: We do not have a phone number at this time. Our customers generally do not contact us before or after purchasing so we have found no need for a support line!  We have successfully answered and processed all questions and orders with reliable email support! 

Q: How much do the dolls weigh?

A: Each doll varies in weight with the taller dolls being the heaviest. Dolls in our most popular category (160-168cm) range from 70-90lbs on average. Read the doll’s description for a more accurate answer though!

Q: Will I have to pay for any import or customs fees?

A: Real Life Love Dolls will pay for all fees and taxes associated with getting the doll across your country’s border*

Q: Can I add specific delivery instructions?

A: Once your order’s tracking information is available to you, you will typically be able to request preferred delivery dates and times as well as detailed delivery instructions. Do this by following the prompts on the shipping carrier’s website once you have entered your tracking number. Alternatively, you can add custom instructions (in the “Order notes” field) for delivery upon checkout from our website and we will pass them on to the carrier.

Q: What is the best way to store my doll?

A: Storing your doll either lying down or standing up in a relaxed position are the best two options. You can purchase the standing feet option to aid with storage or she won’t be able to stand safely on her own.


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*Shipping times and customs coverage are not a guarantee. Refer to our shipping policy for more details:Shipping & Returns