TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls:


When searching for a new sex doll, you may have came across dolls that are made from silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials. On this page we want to explain the differences between the two materials and why we only offer TPE dolls at RLLD.

Essential Differences:

  • -TPE has a very similar texture to human skin, which provides a more realistic experience compared to silicone.
  • -TPE is used to produce all kinds of sex toys available on todays market.
  • -TPE is more elastic than silicone, which means it’s less likely to break after intense use.
  • TPE is a more affordable material.
  • -TPE requires more regular and in depth cleaning over silicone.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer):

  • -Result of a mixture of plastics and rubber.
  • -More cost friendly.
  • -More elastic and durable than silicone.
  • -Typically used to make dildos, torsos, and other “lifelike” sex toys.


  • -A result of the mix of silicon polymer, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.
  • -A type of more expensive rubber.
  • -Typically used to produce butt plugs, vibrators, massagers etc.
  • -Easier to clean.

What to Consider:

  • -Are you prepared to clean your doll thoroughly? 
  • -Aside from any typical sexual activity, what are you expecting her to do?
  • -Do you want her to look and feel as realistic as possible?
  • -What is your budget?

TPE & Silicone Comparison:

All things considered, TPE is a more realistic material when it comes to human skin. It is softer to the touch than silicone and is also more flexible. Silicone is quite a bit firmer than TPE and is also significantly more expensive to manufacture which results in a higher product cost. Both materials are non-allergenic and perfectly safe for human use. For heating purposes TPE is superior, it adapts to and absorbs heat a lot better than silicone which means if you purchase the internal heating option your partner will have a nice warm body temperature to her. However, TPE does require more effort to clean, but as with any sex toy this is a must.

What Makes TPE Dolls More Popular?

  • -They are more affordable.
  • -The skin texture is far more realistic.
  • -Very real body features and facial expressions.

The only real “drawback” of TPE dolls is the regular cleaning work it requires. Keeping any sort of sex toy clean is essential regardless and we firmly believe the experience our TPE love dolls will deliver is well worth it.