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Package Contents:

  • 1x USB Heating Wand
  • 1x High Quality Wig
  • 1x Random Outfit
  • 1x Irrigator (Cleaning Tool)
  • 1x Blanket

15 reviews for Create Your Custom Sex Doll

  1. Tsudder

    Fantastic experience making my own custom sex doll. The process was easy to follow and the doll turned out better than expected This was my third doll purchase but my first time creating a doll instead of going with a stock one. Am impressed with all of the available features and the ones I selected turned out great. Would absolutely recommend

  2. Vessi-65

    Really enjoyed the method this company offers to let you pick all of the features you want. The anticipation was crazy to see what she would turn out like and let me just say I was more than happy. This company has been great to me and I hope this review can help make your decision! Contact them if you have any detailed questions, I originally did and they helped right away.

  3. Liam.F.1

    clothes she came with were not the best. 165 body option 2 features turned out to be perfect though

  4. LonglyIan

    My second doll from Real life love dolls and they never fail to impress. Their shipping terms are accurte and they helped me out when I was concerned about how this doll would turn out. I purchased Laura originally at the beginning of the year and decided to get her a friend after enjoying our time so much. thank you for offering such great products

  5. GreatLakeBill

    You will not be dissapointed! Simple as picking the options you want and they take care of the rest. With my order there was not a single complaint I have. It was exciting not knowing exactly what she would look like, and the surprise was worth every penny. The stock dolls might be better for a first time buyer, but I guess it depends on what you care most about. Either way, this review is coming from a satisfied customer in Wisconsin!

  6. Retirednfree

    Love my new lady, once you figure out a good cleaning system you’ll be lovin. Best decision ive ever made

  7. 71harold


  8. SloaderJeet

    skin color isnt what i was hoping for and doll is very heavy

  9. Vet.steve

    You won’t regret this investment, it has improved my life in countless ways. This company has been great to deal with and Ive had no issues getting to know my doll. Any negative thoughta about owing one of these dissapears as soon as you actually have one. I care about my health and am open to say this purchase has changed my life for the better

  10. Frankdemmers

    Took the chance making a custom doll and she arrived looking wonderful. Shipment was delayed a few days but they reached out to me and told me what was going on. Covid is slowing some shipments, but she did arrive and has been the ultimate partner to spend time with these days. Not used to writing reviews but I know how concerned I was before my purchase, and after reading others and talking to their team I had to share my thoughts. Wishing everyone the best

  11. Sam003

    Real Life Love Doll’s products are top notch! I have bought from other companies in the past but now that I found this doll customizer I am set. From the pleasure of picking all the options I want persoanlly and getting the surprise opening the box, this company makes great dolls. I remember accidentally staining the skin on her (be very cautious using new unwashed outfits on her!!) and contacted them for help and they explained the best way to remove it. It worked great and I am now much more cautious. Learn from my mistake!

  12. JeffereyM

    Unique and perfect

  13. Pradder_D

    165cm option 2, face 10, medium tan skin, standing feet. What a pleasing surprise! Thank you and I definitely recommend this route for other buyers!

  14. DavesDollies

    Fun to build, fun to dress up, really fun to dress down. This is not my first doll but definitely the first custom doll welcomed home. The whole experience makes it so much more enticing when you dont know exactly what she is going to look like, the surprise was fantastic. Honestly my favorite purchase yet! Quality is as expected and the pleasure never gets old. Always recommend!

  15. Arizonalife

    Great quality, shipping was fast, feels like she will last for a while. Standing feet make for good times

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