Caring For Your Love Doll:

Sex With Your New Doll:

  • -When utilizing her vagina, anal and oral points of insertion a water-based lube MUST be used to avoid any sort of tearing or damage to her skin. If you choose to use the included heating wand, do not leave it inserted for more than 10-15 minutes to avoid damage.
  • -The dolls joints such as hands, wrists, knees etc. are not able to support a large amount of pressure. Try to not put a lot of weight on these parts and always use a soft surface like blankets or pillows to rest her on.
  • -It is not recommended that you engage in standing sex, her feet are good to stand on by herself but damage may occur if force is used while she is standing.

Showering/Bathing With Your Doll:

  • -You can bring your doll in the bathtub or shower to enjoy with you, but DO NOT submerge her head or neck area under the water.
  • If your love doll has the external plug in heating option DO NOT bring her near water.
  • -Gently use a wet cloth and mild antibacterial soap to wipe her face.
  • -DO NOT use a hair dryer or any type of similar heating devices to dry her off.
  • -Use a soft towel to make her dry again.
  • -After she is dry it is recommended that you use a brush to apply baby powder on her to keep her skin as soft and lifelike as possible.

Cleaning The Vaginal, Anal and Oral Canals:

  • -TPE skin material is far more porous than silicone, which means you need to clean all of her canals after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • -If you choose to use a condom, cleaning of the areas used is still strongly recommended.
  • -Inject mild antibacterial soap water into her canals with a vaginal irrigator, rinse the canals with clean water in the vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed.
  • -Dry canals thoroughly, apply baby powder on all parts once dry.

Skin Care:

  • -If you find that her skin is not smooth, you can use a brush to apply baby powder to keep her skin feeling soft and smooth. ONLY do this when her body is dry to avoid damaging her skin.
  • -Make sure the clothing you put on her will not transfer colours. Dark colours and lower quality clothing can easily transfer to her skin. It is suggested to wash the clothing a few times to prevent it from happening again if the problem does occur. If a stain is made you can use olive oil to wipe it and then use a wet cloth to remove the stain.
  • -Avoid any contact with books, magazines, coloured leather, newspaper or similar materials to avoid colours being transferred to her skin.
  • -Be sure to keep her in a dry and covered area. Constant sunlight exposure is bad for her skin, as is any exposure to any high heat sources. In result of being made from TPE, your doll’s skin may be prone to melting with high temperature.

Skeleton Care: 

  • -Your love doll has a robust internal metal skeleton that allows her to stay flexible. You are able to adjust and move her limbs and body however you would like. Activities with her will leave traces on her body which is perfectly normal.
  • -Do not use any sort of extreme force to move her joints for positions, if it feels like you are applying too much force there is a good chance you are.
  • -Do not knock her against any hard surfaces and do not drop her.
  • -Keep her away from any sort of sharp hazardous materials, they will easily damage her soft skin.
  • -DO NOT leave her in the same position for extended periods of time. TPE is a soft malleable material and the shape will be altered if she is in the same position for extended periods. The best option is to hang up your doll, if not you can lie her either flat or on her side and make sure change the position often.

Wig Care: 

  • You can remove the wig from her and clean it using mild shampoo and conditioner. Leave it until it is dry and then proceed to comb it.