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Meet Amber, your new sex doll.

She has a flexible metal skeleton for easy positioning and storage, soft TPE skin for a truly natural feel and a desire for intimacy.

And above all, you can expect years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Personalize her below or simply checkout and receive the features pictured.

**For the best experience, add standing feet and the internal heater.


Height: 158cm / 5ft 2in
Bust: 67cm / 26.4in
Hips: 77cm / 30.3in
Waist: 48cm / 18.9in
Vaginal Depth: 18cm / 7.1in
Oral Depth: 13cm / 5.1in
Anal Depth: 17cm / 6.7 in
Weight: 28kg / 61.7lbs


-All love dolls come with one randomly selected piece of lingerie, and no jewelry (read more)

-Personalize some of her options using the selectors below

Not what you’re looking for? Create a Custom Sex Doll!

  • If no options are selected, it is assumed you want the features as pictured above.

    Skin color

    Eye color

    Nipple color

    Nipple size

    Pubic hair

    Vagina style

    Fingernail style

    Feet style

    Heater option

    Extra wig

    Extra head

    Extra head face style*

    Selection is for face style only, Extra Head wigs are selected further below!

    Extra head skin color*

    Extra head eye color*

    Extra head hair style*

    Extra head extra wig

    Now press the add to cart button at the top to save your selections!


Package Contents:

  • 1x USB Heating Wand
  • 1x High Quality Wig
  • 1x Random Piece Of Lingerie
  • 1x Irrigator (Cleaning Tool)
  • 1x Blanket

7 reviews for Amber

  1. parksville22

    Always had something for red heads and this was the solution. Thank you, she looks wonderful

  2. FlyersGuyWalker

    Amber has made my life so much better, She is truly an amazing woman. Got her right before the Chinese new year holiday and am pleased I made the purchase. Storage is not as bad as some people say. I contacted the company asking about the best way to store her and they recommended the standing feet option so she can stay up on her own. Ive found this to be very convenient as its really not hard to find space for 5 feet upright in any closet or room. Maybe if I didnt get the feet upgrade it would be a pain to lie her down somewhere but once you have one you will easily figure out your own system. Buying her is the first biggest step for sure, but everything else becomes minor once you have your hands on her trust me!

  3. D.Roebuk

    Escorts are better

  4. 052Highlands

    Was weary to spend this much at first but believe me you will lose that thought once you see her yourself. She is mothwatering with medium tan skin and the blue eyes make her face stand out that much more. Cost is nothing compared to the pleasure especially when you have her at your own will

  5. henry_wilks

    Amber is a little rocket for sure, I highly recommend the slightly darker skin tone to go with her. I was worried the white would seem to fake and pale so I went with the medium tan option and way better.

  6. RickRoll

    Perfect little body on her, the maneuverability is a nice feature

  7. Shawn.L

    So much more than just a “doll”. The photography shoots we do together, meals we share, and movies we watch are just the beginning. Amazing having her by my side

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