Dylan is one of our male sex dolls.

He is perfect for a woman looking for a sexual partner or a man who wants someone to experiment with.

This male sex doll is perfect for both genders and comes with two separate penis attachments of different lengths.


Height: 160cm / 5ft 3in
Bust: 83cm / 32.7in
Hips: 95cm / 37.4in
Waist: 61cm / 24in
Penis Length: 5.1in & 6.7in
Oral Depth: 13cm / 5.1in
Anal Depth: 17cm / 6.7 in
Weight: 45kg / 99.2lbs


-All love dolls come with one randomly selected piece of clothing (read more)

-Personalize some of his options using the selectors below

  • If no options are selected, it is assumed you want the features as pictured above.

    Skin colour

    Eye colour

    Nipple colour

    Pubic hair

    Feet style

    Heater option

    Now press the add to cart button at the top to save your selections!


Package Contents:

  • 1x USB Heating Wand
  • 1x High Quality Wig
  • 1x Random Piece Of Clothing
  • 1x Irrigator (Cleaning Tool)
  • 1x Blanket
  • 2x Penis Attachment (5.1in & 6.7in)


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