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Welcome to our Platinum Series sex doll collection!

Deigned specifically for our most serious customers, these dolls raise the bar for your satisfaction and ensure your needs are met with the most realistic options available.

If you are considering a model in this category, we’re certain you don’t need an explanation of the basic features of a sex doll. However, please allow us to share the key differences that set these dolls apart from the rest.

In addition to the premium basics we offer, each of our Platinum Series dolls feature the following:

    • A superior silicone head design with synthetically implanted hair. They boast an ultra-realistic feel and appearance, as well as extended life vs our regular TPE heads. 
    • A new enhanced stainless steel skeleton. Crafted for prolonged durability and impressive mobility in your favourite positions.
    • Additional texture and detail given to the vagina and anus for your heightened pleasure
    • Your choice of all premium add-ons included completely free of charge (select below)
    • A lifetime 30% off VIP discount code for all future purchases


We’re ready to elevate your experience, and look forward to crafting your luxury partner!



Height: 158cm / 5ft 2in
Bust: 80cm / 31.5in
Hips: 83cm / 32.7in
Waist: 56cm / 22in
Vaginal Depth: 18cm / 7.1in
Anal Depth: 13cm / 5.1in
Weight: 33kg / 72.8lbs



– The hair on these dolls is artificially implanted into the structure of the head. This process is very intricate and time consuming, adding a level of realism that is unique to the industry. While suitable for styling and combing, any sort of excessive pulling on the hair of your doll could cause strands to come out. Please note that these dolls are not compatible with wigs since the hair is part of the head.

– The outfit shown here is used for modelling purposes only. You will receive premium lingerie with your purchase but the style will differ—with the volume of our custom orders, we are unable to offer selectable outfits. To tailor your doll exactly to your own preferences, use our detailed measurements above for reference when purchasing new outfits.

– Our Platinum Series sex dolls CANNOT perform oral sex. With the new silicone head design, we have focused on realistic detail and durability. The structure of the oral orifice would heavily detract from the design.

– Your custom VIP discount code will be created by our staff and e-mailed to you within 24-48 hours of purchasing. It will be exclusive to you and will provide 30% off all of our products (excluding sale items). This discount grants access to some of the best prices on the market and can only be obtained by purchasing one of our Platinum Series models.


  • If no options are selected, it is assumed you want the features as pictured above.

    Vagina style

    Feet style

    Heater option

    VIP Discount Code

    Pubic hair

    Now press the add to cart button at the top to save your selections!


In Addition To The Above Your Package Will Contain:

  • A USB heating wand 
  • A provided sexy outfit
  • An irrigator cleaning tool 

2 reviews for Kim

  1. Kelly_Westin

    Absolutely stunning!! The detail with each aspect of this doll is truly impressive. The hair is such a great touch, although too much hard pulling can cause some to come loose. The rigidity of the skeleton is great and really adds to the experience. Love the features! She looks so good

  2. Indigowest

    Kim is a superstar. I love her soft expression and her body is incredible. I had contacted the company months ago to ask a few questions about Tracy, but she wasn’t 100 percent what I wanted so I never bought. Upon checking back on the site not too long ago I saw this doll immediately and knew she was the one. I have never seen this Doll listed anywhere else in my searches and made the easy decision. Even with the holiday rush I still received her 14 days later, yes I would recommend this doll without hesitation to everyone

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