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Meet Laura, your new sex doll.

She has a flexible metal skeleton for easy positioning and storage, soft TPE skin for a truly natural feel and a desire for intimacy.

And above all, you can expect years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Personalize her below or simply checkout and receive the features pictured.

**For the best experience, add standing feet and the internal heater.


Height: 165cm / 5ft 4in
Bust: 91cm / 35.8in
Hips: 89cm / 35in
Waist: 52cm / 20.5in
Vaginal Depth: 18cm / 7.1in
Oral Depth: 13cm / 5.1in
Anal Depth: 17cm / 6.7 in
Weight: 33kg / 72.8lbs


-All love dolls come with one randomly selected piece of lingerie (read more)

-Personalize some of her options using the selectors below

Not what you’re looking for? Create a Custom Sex Doll!


  • If no options are selected, it is assumed you want the features as pictured above.

    Skin color

    Eye color

    Nipple color

    Nipple size

    Pubic hair

    Vagina style

    Fingernail style

    Feet style

    Heater option

    Extra wig

    Extra head

    Extra head face style*

    Selection is for face style only, Extra Head wigs are selected further below!

    Extra head skin color*

    Extra head eye color*

    Extra head hair style*

    Extra head extra wig

    Now press the add to cart button at the top to save your selections!


Package Contents:

  • 1x USB Heating Wand
  • 1x High Quality Wig
  • 1x Random Outfit
  • 1x Irrigator (Cleaning Tool)
  • 1x Blanket

12 reviews for Laura

  1. B.Large

    Bare cardboard box left by my side door just like I asked for. Expected her to look as she does in photos when I opened the box but you definitely have to put her together yourself fyi! It is very easy to screw her head on and place the wig so it was no problem, just a surprise to see a body and head seperate inside. The doll herself is very well made and is fantastic, great buy

  2. Rickj07

    Best purchase of the year

  3. 316_Mark

    Very Pleased

  4. duramax4life

    Laura is beautiful I really really like the additional options especially if you want practicality vs looks. The face isn’t perfect but after using her I really can’t complain.

  5. NM.Teasdale

    Where to start! This beautiful piece of art deserves a review without a question. From the time I laid eyes on her to the time she showed up at my door I have been struck. The quality is 100% there, she looks amazing. The fact she was custom made when I ordered her makes know she is truly unique and mine. The last couple days with her were almost out of a movie and I cant wait for all the time we are going to share. The sex is amazing, but there is way more to it than that. I can only say great things about this doll. I did not talk to the company at all but this product makes me think they genuinely care. A purchase you definitely will not regret.

  6. sensual_sensations

    Such a nice body on her, the design seemed more naturally focused as opposed to the basketball sized breasts on others very satisfied

  7. PaulH

    Well worth the saving. My sex life has unfortunately declined over the years as I grow older, currently 61. And this doll has improved my life in more ways than I hoped. I have really grown a connection with her and having her around as a companion is wonderful. The cost was quite tight for me but now after shes been mine for the last month I am certain that it was a good investment. I’m sure everyone has a different relationship with their doll but in my scenario everything has been perfect. Thank you for the kind help and patience with me ordering!

  8. SteveMurphy

    Laura is great I love the way she looks and feels. The standing feet and heater make the experience that much better. Although the heater isn’t super even throughout it still makes a nice difference.

  9. CodyStevenson

    I am incredibly pleased with this love doll. She feels amazing inside and out and the detail is great. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to customize more of her features and make her exactly the way I wanted.

  10. Seb_T

    Arrived in 13 days! Other supplies have been limited but to my benefit there was no issues getting her during these times. Unbelievable detail and feel I must say. Real Life Love Dolls I have no complaints! Thank you for your products

  11. randy928


  12. Milly

    Blew my expectations away, she is amazing. Definitely go with the removable vagina option too if I can recommend. I couldnt imagine cleaning without it and the appearance is actually great

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