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How Much Does A Sex Doll Cost?

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How Much Do Sex Dolls Really Cost?

The cost of a sex doll is a constantly evolving topic. With supply shortages, factory shutdowns, COVID-19 affecting shipping there are so many factors that contribute to how these magnificent dolls are priced. Before I jump into things, here is an easy to interpret graph displaying the average cost of a sex doll in USD: how much a sex doll costs (The data above is compiled from countless websites and only includes comparable dolls with customizable features and a fully articulated, moveable skeleton.) In this industry, you can find small and less detailed sex dolls that cost as little as $800 or you can break the bank acquiring the most advanced, detailed dolls ranging up to $6-7000. They cost what you are willing to pay and it all comes down to the unique specifics that you are looking for as a buyer. If you want a doll that is modelled after a porn star, is made in the USA and utilizes A.I. technology to communicate with you then yes, she might run you quite a hefty bill! But, let’s say you’re more frugal, or even new getting into the industry… A lower priced, more entry level option is probably the way to go. Making sure your new doll falls within your budget is a big part of getting maximum enjoyment out of her. At Real Life Love Dolls our philosophy has always been to provide the customer with some of the industry’s best prices while still offering a large variety of customization as well as incredibly fast shipping. Gone are the days of spending $2,000 online just to wait over 30 days to actually have your product show up. A sex doll is a big commitment and the last thing we want to do is keep our incredible customer’s waiting. We have chosen to prioritize expedited, tracked, secure air freight over absolute bottom line. Over the past 4 years in business, things have changed a lot and we have received a great deal of feedback from customers, manufacturers and other companies in regards to what the best operational approach is. We have found that customer satisfaction is increased astronomically if the price is little more but the product is received in a fraction of the time with reputable carriers, accurate tracking and discreet packaging. Would you want your beautiful new partner sitting on a cargo ship over the ocean for a month or more and not receiving frequent updates on the status? We doubt it. All of that said, we still strive to offer some of the best prices on the market! Air freight has gone up ten-fold since the pandemic begun and it is making it a challenge to offer extremely low prices we once did years ago. We are committed to your savings and still make a massive effort to offer beautiful sex dolls at a cost that’s affordable for people in all different demographics. We look forward to continuing to be a top destination for the hottest, and most customizable sex dolls. If you have more questions about pricing, or want to reach out please contact us and one of our friendly representatives will be sure to assist you!