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15 New Doll Heads Have Just Been Added!

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Looking for some brand new head & face options? We are happy to announce that we have recently added roughly 15 new doll heads for our customers to choose from! These can now be found in our Fantasy Doll Builder as well as when purchasing an extra head for your new companion. We believe that options are an extremely important part of the love doll industry and we want our customers to benefit from one of the biggest selections available. With more to choose from there is greater chance that you will be able to find exactly what satisfies your desires. Did we mention that these heads are also 100% compatible with WM/SY dolls? That’s right, if you have purchased your love doll elsewhere and it’s one of the above mentioned brands our heads will work with your doll. Our extra head pricing is some of the lowest around, don’t hesitate to grab a new one for your partner today!