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How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams

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Avoid Scams From Non-Legitimate Sex Doll Companies

This topic is widely discussed among many different online retailers but with products that cost as much as sex dolls it is an even a bigger cause for concern. It is now easier than ever for anyone to create a website and post pictures of products claiming they’ll ship out when their intentions are quite the opposite. Listed below, we will explain a few of the most common things to look out for and simple ways to ensure you are buying from the real deal.

Poor English/Low Quality Websites:

A massive indicator as to whether or not the website you are looking at is legitimate or not is how the English is written and how the website and its functions are laid out. When going through descriptions or posts on a company’s website read through the sentence structures and pay attention to grammar. If there is a larger than normal amount of spelling errors, incorrect punctuation and/or improper use of words and badly formed sentences steer clear. We are all human and mistakes do get made but you will know right away what we are talking about when you come across it. Also, pay attention to how everything is laid out, you should be able to navigate pages easily and pictures shouldn’t be scattered all over the place. If some links aren’t working or categories aren’t displaying properly then the company probably isn’t worth doing business with.

Customer Support Responses:

These products are considered a rather large investment for most people looking at buying them. That being said it is very common to have a few questions you will want to ask before purchasing your new sex doll. All legitimate websites will have some sort of contact form or e-mail you can write to and receive a response from someone in the company; how the support agent/business responds is a very big indicator on whether or not you will want to buy from them. We suggest looking for fairly detailed responses that answer whatever question you may have in a relatively short period of time. If it has taken over 24 hours to hear back from a company, we would strongly recommend using caution before proceeding. It is a competitive industry and if a good company wants to earn your business they will respond in a timely manner and help you the best they can. Make the call based on how you feel, if the response is quick and helpful and clearly has some sincerity then you are probably in good hands.

Payment Processing/Shipping Times:

When it comes to making payments online, you want to have full confidence that your money is secured and the transaction is recorded. The most common payment processor used is PayPal and there is a good reason why. You are completely covered if you order a product and it doesn’t show up. If a company doesn’t provide you with a tracking number and you never get your package you can file a dispute and PayPal will end up giving you your hard earned money back. If companies don’t offer PayPal or at the very least another reputable payment processor DO NOT give them any of your credit card information as this may cause problems for you in the future. We also recommend paying attention to the listed processing and shipping times. We are one of the fastest companies when it comes to delivery but when shopping around look for the advertised processing or delivery times. If there is anything saying that they will take multiple weeks just to process/build your doll that is a red flag. They are very custom products and do take immense care and time to ensure the quality standard is met but it shouldn’t be absurd. For example, we can typically have a custom sex doll delivered to our customers only 10 business days after it is purchased.

In Conclusion:

To wrap it all up one if the biggest takeaways from all of this is to simply use your judgment. We all have that “gut” feeling and our own instincts for a reason so listening to that can certainly help. When it comes down to it the biggest fraud indicators are all listed above. Make sure the company uses fluent and proper English and that the website isn’t a mess. If they build their website poorly how do you think your sex doll will turn out? As an online business in 2018 we have to care about our customers, so make sure you receive a kind and informative response when contacting support for any reason. Lastly, make sure the payments are secured and safe. Trusted processors like PayPal are a great way to ensure your money is in good hands and you will actually receive the product that you ordered.

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