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The Benefits of a Custom Sex Doll

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Benefits of Creating Your Own Custom Sex Doll

If there is one thing for sure in this industry, it’s that there is absolutely no shortage of pre-made sex dolls available for purchase. What’s difficult with that, is not everybody is interested in the same body style, face or small add-on options.

Having the freedom to completely customize your doll the way you want is of utmost importance to us, and that is why we offer our Fantasy Doll Builder. (Custom Sex Doll)

Being able to choose from a handful of different options with any of the pre-made dolls is great, but sometimes, it just quite doesn’t fit the bill.

When you’re making an investment in such a personal and subjective product, having the freedom to choose and design what you truly desire is a necessity. This way, there is no settling with a doll that you think looks good but you’re stuck with a face that isn’t exactly what you want or a body that has a shape you aren’t quite sure about.

Even down to the most intricate details, the choice is yours from the very beginning. You get to piece together every part of your personalized sex doll exactly the way you would like.

You’re probably thinking that must cost way more money right??

Actually, no. In fact, sometimes it works out even cheaper! The prices all vary the most with body styles and certain recommended features like the reusable vagina or standing feet for example also cost a bit more. Our pre-made dolls come with a specific body, head and features so the price is harder to manipulate for our customers.

But, you can build a doll that has everything you are looking for and actually save money vs purchasing one of the pre-made ones! Of course it all comes down to the style and type that you are going to be most satisfied with and what options you prefer but it can be done and our customers are thrilled to spend the same amount but pick what they really want. Even if it costs a little more, the extra investment is well worth cementing the enjoyment you’ll receive.

No matter which way you choose to go, we are certain you’ll love your new intimate experience. But for those looking to truly get everything out of their new intimate partner, building your own custom sex doll is a sure fire way to wind up with lasting satisfaction.

We value putting the freedom of choice in your hands and thank each and every one of our website visitors and customers, new and old, for giving us the opportunity to make a difference.