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Is COVID-19 (Coronavirus) affecting our business? Updated 04/26/2020

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Update (04/26/2020):

In result of the increase of severity of COVID-19 over the past month, major shipping carriers are limiting their postal services. With this being said, our manufacturing has not been affected but our shipping times listed in our Shipping and Returns Policy may be slightly inaccurate at this time. We are yet to see any delays that are greater than a couple days, but this is not in our control so we cannot guarantee exact shipping times. All of our most recent orders have processed without any real delay so we see no reason to close shop. We will stay in contact with our carriers and post any further updates here. We appreciate your understanding on this matter and please remember that changes can be implemented very fast without much notice. If you have any further questions or concerns please Contact Us so we can help inform you of the situation. We will do our best to keep offering our services at the level of quality we always do, and we thank you for your business. Stay safe, -RLLD Team


Original Post (03/16/2020):

With most of the world experiencing pandemic-like outbreaks and taking drastic measures to prevent infection we thought we would take a minute to share what’s going on with our services and production. If you aren’t already aware, our factory is located in the heart of the manufacturing sector in Shenzhen, China. With so many cases having been reported all over China it is common to assume that a lot of business is put on hold. For Real Life Love Dolls that is quite the opposite. Our factory and all associated staff members are cleared for work and have taken extreme sanitization measures to ensure optimal health and safety of those involved in the production and shipment of your love doll. Staffing has been reduced to maintain social distance and extra policies have been implemented to ensure the cleanliness of our equipment, products and facilities are in the most favorable conditions. For us at Real Life Love Dolls it is business as usual and we will work hard as always to ensure your satisfaction is met and order is received in a timely manner. Please stay up to date with our website and social media as any new information regarding the situation will be passed on to you as quickly as we receive it! Things can change fast in this time of uncertainty and we want to make sure everything remains as straightforward as possible. From our family to yours, we wish you all the best in health.