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Preparing for the holidays | Beat delays for sex dolls

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It’s that time of year again! Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner, man how time flies. We all know that with the holidays approaching, everyone is ordering last minute gifts and logistics companies are becoming overwhelmed. The last thing you and us here at RLLD want, is for your doll to be delayed en route to your door!


How do I avoid the rush you ask? Well its actually quite easy, but, it ultimately comes down to timing! So, if you are planning on buying a sex doll to have for the holidays (which in itself sounds like the perfect way to get the most out of your time off) here’s what we recommend: Hurry up! As straight forward as that is, it’s that simple. The sooner you order from us or anyone else, the more likely your chances of beating the rush for shipping. If you wait until December, you may easily run into shipping delays that nobody wishes to experience. As time moves forward, shipping companies will only become more slammed until way after Christmas. With this being said, delays may be unavoidable, or you may be unable to order soon for whatever reason. In light of this, don’t stress too much! You will still receive your order, but expect moderate to heavy delays for arrival.


At the time of this article we are still seeing our orders delivered in as fast as 8 business days, but can’t guarantee this will last long!


Forward thinking:


Chinese New Year, the holiday that shuts our factories down completely so employees can celebrate. This month-long event will close our business for basically the entire month of February 2019. Keep this in mind as orders placed will not begin processing until after the holiday, and will be delayed in result of the queue of orders lined up. We will post more information regarding this holiday as the date gets closer.


Bottom Line:


If you are planning to buy a sex doll at some point in the next few months, to avoid extra waiting we encourage you to purchase as soon as possible! Once Christmas and the New Year pass, Chinese New Years is next and will cause even more delays. Order now and don’t think twice about waiting longer for your order. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!


Wishing everyone the best over the holidays,

The entire RLLD Team