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Welcome our new VIP Platinum Series line!

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Real Life Love Dolls is proud to officially launch our brand new Platinum Series line of enhanced premium sex dolls to cater to our ever-increasing executive customer base.

The industry is evolving constantly and we have taken the time to research and dig into where some of the most prominent gaps are. Our regular products aren’t inexpensive by any means but compared to the standard, our dolls are obtainable by most customers who desire to have one. Something needed to be done to fill that void and add a layer of exclusivity for the more dedicated and experienced clientele.

Enter the Platinum Series. We demanded a design or idea to change up the norm and create features that make us unique and set us apart. We wanted to offer something that is extremely new to the market and take it one step further. With new quality features, exclusive pricing and dedicated service we were able to do just that.

The biggest noticeable change to these dolls physically is certainly the hair. Synthetically implanted hair…. It looks and feels far more realistic and now there is no dealing with a wig. You get to style and play with your luxury partner’s hair in the most lifelike way imaginable.

The internal skeleton has been redesigned and constructed with high-end stainless steel to increase the mobility and durability of our dolls. The silicone head has also allowed a more detailed facial structure to really give her that wow factor. Not to mention the more detailed and textured approach to the vagina and anal components.

The options that cost extra with our regular dolls are now included in the price of your Platinum Series partner. No more debating over if you want to spend the money to get the best features available. They are all yours.

We have had a good number of customers buy more than one doll from us after receiving their first so we are proud to include an exclusive offer: A 30% off LIFETIME discount on our website. That’s right, once you take home a Platinum Series doll you’re now a VIP. And as such, we thank you and treat you like one by providing permanent access to the best price available.

Quality, attention to detail and exclusivity are only a few of the things our Platinum Series line can offer you. What are you waiting for?