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New Extra Doll Head Add-ons!

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We are pleased to announce that we now offer the ability to add an extra doll head with any doll purchase at a heavily discounted price! Don’t settle with only one partner, for a low cost you can receive an extra interchangeable head to use with your new doll. Who doesn’t want more options? Especially when it comes to satisfying your inner desires! Two heads equals two totally different personalities and experiences which you can now enjoy with any RLLD order.

As you select your sex doll’s options, make sure you don’t miss the option to add a second doll head to your order, as shown in this post’s featured image! If the addition is selected, more dropdown options will appear so you can fully customize your second head. Did you see another beautiful face but on a body you didn’t crave? Don’t let that deter your purchase and add that extra face to the body of your choosing as well! With over one hundred face options to choose from, we hope you can take advantage of this new available option.

Happy Shopping!